About iDx

iDx is a foundation that is dedicated to innovate diagnostics in primary care, by which we mean: from the comfort of your own home, to the doctor’s office and back home again.

As the independent knowledge partner, we are continuously building a community of experts and experiencers with whom we collaborate intensively.

iDx conducts research and contributes to the development of solutions that can be used from the comfort of your home and can be deployed in or around the doctor’s office. All in an effort to handle illness, health, and care more intelligently and effectively.

iDx – innovation in diagnostics.

Diagnostics from a different perspective

Our approach

The needs and wishes of both patients and doctors are leading in our approach.

That is why, together with patients, general practitioners, researchers, and other stakeholders, we explore how innovation in diagnostics can contribute to improve healthcare. The aim to renew diagnostics, because we believe strongly that innovative diagnostics will​ contribute to:​

  • an independent life​
  • a healthier workload​
  • fewer health differences​
  • more inclusive care​
  • a more economical process​
  • affordable, accessible and sustainable care

iDx conducts and promotes research that contributes to practical solutions in physician practice and patient life. Because we believe that good diagnostics leads to appropriate care, makes the patient more self-reliant and reduces the doctor’s workload.

Our core business

Research & Education

  • Initiate, facilitate or coordinate scientific research
  • Formation of consortia
  • Producing (training)tools for implementation

Connect & Share

  • Connect people, parties, projects and expertise
  • Enrich & share knowledge and inspiration
  • Facilitate co-creation & Participation
  • Putting on the agenda the importance of innovation in diagnostics


  • Design
  • Development
  • Implementation
  • Scaling up

Our partners

As an independent foundation, iDx likes to work closely with other people, organizations, and institutions that are also working to improve family medicine for doctors and patients. We are therefore very proud that the following parties endorse our mission:

iDx strives to bring knowledgeable individuals, promising projects, and relevant parties together.

So: Do you have a great idea, are you working on a project we need to know of, are you looking for assistance or partners, or do you want to learn more about innovation in diagnostics?

Feel free to contact us! We are eager to explore if and how we can assist.

Cherelle de Graaf

Cherelle de Graaf

+31 6 11 03 02 49